Why Your Check Engine Light Might Be On – Your Oil

light on in your car lights up in your car are something no one wishes to be seeing. It can be very frightening because there are multiple reasons that it might be happening. An expert will explain the common reasons for a check engine light being present, as well as the necessary steps you can take to take it off.

This indicator may not indicate something to be concerned about. It could be a loose or faulty fuel tank cap. It’s easy to fix. It’s possible to check that your tank cap is tightened properly to get rid of the red light appearing on your dashboard. If your car battery is dead, it could also be a problem. Based on the time you’ve had your car, your battery may be that old or older, so it’s crucial to get the battery checked, to ensure that you don’t get stuck having a dead battery for your car.

Go through this whole video to see all of the most common causes why your check engine light might be flashing. Visit your local car mechanic to check your vehicle, and identify what the issue is as soon as possible.