Why You Will Fail a Plumbing Inspection – Family Issues Online

are also numerous regulations that have to be observed. These regulations also change in time. This is why it can be challenging to pass the plumbing exam. The following video will provide what the most frequent reasons it is possible to fail an inspection. To make sure that everything is working well and that it is compliant with the law, it’s recommended to employ the services of a plumber.

P-traps and pipes must have a minimum of two inches. Many people’s pipes are 1 and 1/2 inches because this was the old standard. However, this will automatically not pass your test. Standpipes should measure at least 18-30 inches long.

A lack of drill plates is another reason the plumbing inspection might be a failure. To ensure that pipes are not injured by drilling during house remodels, these plates must be installed along with them. The pipes could be punctured that could result in costly repairs and water damage. The growth of mold can be seen in the wood that is decaying, leading to water damage that could spiral out of control. This means that entire sections the wall may need to be rebuilt.