Why It’s Important for Pediatric Patients to Transition to an Adult Provider – Health Advice Now

The patient will be required to begin taking charge of their own medical care. This video will explain why it’s important for adolescents to make the transition from their primary care provider to an adult provider.

Although it can be thrilling when you turn sixteen This also implies more accountability. When patients reach this age, they typically transition to adult care. Patients must begin seeing an adult healthcare provider before the age of 18, for any concerns and check-ups. Although there are some offices which allow patients to stay with them over a longer time, the transition to an adult doctor is vital, so that they’re in a better suitable environment for them.

Moving into adult care can give adults more autonomy and responsibility. Families can encourage their young adult children to take the initiative of making their own appointments and heading to appointments by themselves. Another method to start to manage their own medical care is to pick up their own prescriptions from the pharmacy.

The transition from a child’s provider to an adult provider can seem daunting, however once the relationship has been established, health appointments will go well.