What You Should Know About Prepping a Home Storm Shelter – CEXC

The weather events of tornadoes as well as intense thunderstorms are all common occurrences where you’ll need an emergency shelter in order to survive securely. Here’s how you can make the storm shelter you’ll need.
First, stock up on the necessities for your storm shelter. Stock up on medicines, water, food, and toiletries. It is important to purchase food that isn’t perishable and will be stored inside your shelter for the entire throughout the year. It is recommended to store water in airtight plastic jugs in order to ensure that it doesn’t evaporate and cause contamination. It’s also an excellent idea to keep a can opener in your shelter in case the majority of your non-perishable goods come in cans.
Alongside these basic items however, it is essential to have extra clothing, blankets and other bedding products inside your shelter for storms. You must ensure that everyone’s comfortable even if you’re only for a short period of time. 2f5pmo9xzv.