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Can you make a bridge to replace one tooth? Of course, you can. How? This is quite fascinating. It involves the fixation of three artificial crowns . The two crowns on the other end are supported by the roots of the teeth that are on each side of the gap. They create the appearance of a bridge between two teeth. The middle portion of a bridge isn’t rootless. The price for a dental bridge is $700 up to $1600.

Implanting a tooth is the process of installing a new, artificial root with its crown and root. The artificial tooth is surgically installed in the gap that was the old root. The implanted tooth may be more difficult to heal as compared to a bridge. When comparing the tooth bridge cost versus the implant, the implant is quite costly as the entire procedure could run up to 3000 dollars. Dental bridges have a large number of patients when compared with implants since implant needs the patient to maintain a good bone density for them to be considered a person who is a candidate. Implants are also expensive when compared to tooth dental bridging. g8soj7gjsa.