The Ultimate Outdoor Checklist for House Maintenance – CharmsVille

In the event that you are able to perform an inspection on your roof and roof, there are regular issues you must pay attention. This includes the flashing on your roof as well as looking for cracks or rust in the caulk. If you want to make sure that your shingles are not curling or the shingles are buckled or blistered, it is recommended to inspect them. Also, you should be alert for missing or broken shingles. It is important to inspect the vent pipes as you look at the roof. In looking at the roof, be sure to be looking for signs of moss as well as lichen. These items could be signs that there’s decay under the shingles. If you find stains that resemble algae in black color, it’s an aesthetic issue and is not evidence of decay.

While your chimney is not necessarily part of your roof , when you’re looking at it, be sure to look over the chimney’s cap to be sure that it’s there or damaged.

Get your AC checked

The importance of air conditioning to your comfort in hot weather. The same is true for your heating system in winter. Your checklist of household maintenance is also inclusive of regular checks of the HVAC system. Some of the HVAC tests you could do yourself , for instance changing the filters. If you’re not confident in your expertise to do this you should consider hiring an inspection company to examine the HVAC system.

Cleaning and replacing the filter is one of the things you should take note of when inspecting. A few HVAC filters are able to be cleaned, while others should be replaced. The wiring and fuses should be checked, and then made tighter. The entire unit should be checked for damage or leaks. If you want to make sure that the thermostat and the ductwork functioning properly, you should examine them for damages. It is also recommended to inspect the exterior unit to check for debris, leaves, and other debris.