How to Clean Your Air Conditoner – Melrose Painting

Before you call an expert to handle your AC service Make sure the air conditioner has been cleaned by yourself. Your air conditioning unit is a big part of the factors that make your house an ideal place for rest and relaxation. As time passes, you may find your system working more in order to provide the same amount of cooling that it previously was. Likewise, if you have an heating, ventilation and cooling system (HVAC), the heating could become less efficient over time.

Also, be sure your power is turned off. Before you start, turn off your power at the outside disconnect box.

Get rid of the screws that hold the metal sheet from the top of the fan unit. When you’ve taken them out, lift the fan unit and grille. There are many units that can be placed by extending the wires to allow you to place on the wall with the top. The model you have will determine there’s likely to be a diverse quantity of dirt in the base of the air conditioner. In the beginning, models aren’t equipped with protections installed to prevent debris from getting through into the upper part of the unit. You could be able to find seeds, leaves or even tiny twigs in the bottom of the pan. n993pescs5.