Man Gets Coffee and a Tornado Todays Entertainment News

Roof. The famed tornadoes that tear off roofs, and then drag them towards the vortex can be known for tossing their shingles away. The storms can also throw debris into the air hundreds of times. These shingles may fall miles from where they’re thrown. Imagine the cleaning that would be required. This video shows a Dunkin Donuts being hit by one of the tornadoes from the point of view of a patron who was waiting in the drive-thru.

The video starts by pointing the camera forward toward the front windshield. The video shows that it is a stormy day. The weather doesn’t appear like anything unusual. Then, in a matter of seconds, you’ll see the tree behind starts to move violently in the wind. This isn’t just wind. A tornado is rapidly approaching. A tornado is rapidly approaching at the Dunkin Donuts, frightening the driver. After the debris hits his car, he screams. The windows everywhere shatter. Fragments of glass that pose a risk are scattered about like shrapnel from grenade. The good news is that nobody appears to be severely injured from the collision. It was most likely unintentionally an EF0 tornado. This tornado was the least powerful.