Different Types of HVAC Systems – The Movers in Houston

ional split systems use separate systems that are placed within and outside of the house. A packaged unit contains heating and cooling systems in one unit that is installed outside of the home. They are designed to sit on the side or the rooftop of a structure.

In the event that you don’t have the space or structures to keep equipment and units, packaged units can be an excellent option. Packaged units need to be sturdy enough to endure the elements . There are various configurations that can accommodate different climates.

Every component of the HVAC compressor coils, air handler and HVAC compressor are contained within the unit. You can add an electric heating strip to make the unit dual-purpose. It is possible to find packaged heat pumps that have the two functions of AC and heating.

A rooftop-mounted HVAC system, can be bought just like traditional split systems. Check for all the specs if replacing an existing system. Contact local installers if you’re looking to upgrade to a roof or package HVAC system.