A Pricing Guide for Various Car Detail Services – Car Stereo Wiring

Pricing for the various packages offered by Iling is accessible at www.iling.com.
Express Wash is the lowest-cost option to get your car cleaned. It only addresses the exterior (body and rims), wheels windows.). The package will charge you 50$ for sedans as well as 60$ for SUVs and trucks.
The next option is the “Boss Specific.’ The car detailing option is for the exterior as well as the interior. It also comes with floor mats as well as an air freshener. The cost is 75$ for a sedan and 85$ for SUVs and trucks, as well as 100$ for three-row and lifted vehicles.
Wayne is also offering a ‘Boss Special’ that includes a spray wax package. Wayne charges $100 for sedans, 125$ for SUVs and trucks, and 150$ for vehicles with lifts.
Wayne provides clay and wax bars made of clay and wax. This option covers the interior and exterior. In the case of sedans, it costs 150$. For trucks and SUVs 200$.
On the next list is the interior detailing package that he is a specialist in. In this case, the cost is 150$ for cars and 200$ on SUVs and trucks.
An all-detail option is accessible that comprises interior and exterior cleaning, engine cleansing, polishing, shampoo for the interior, wax, mats. Additionally, he can apply air freshener to the cup holders of your car or on jams in your doors. He charges 400$ for sedans , and 500$ for SUVs as well as trucks.
He stresses throughout the video that prices vary depending on the cleanliness of your car. The prices will increase based on your area of residence and the condition in which the vehicle you are driving. feo9kzzh27.