What is a Bail Bondsman? – Legal Videos


id. However, many people struggle to raise the funds due to the fact that bail prices can vary from hundreds to millions of dollars depending on the crime. A bail bondsman is available to assist.

Bail bond agents will guarantee the money to release someone from prison. Because you only pay one portion of the bail cost to the bondsman, it generally is less costly than the posting of bail. The typical bond will cost 10% – 15 percent of the bail to the bondsman however, they may also request alternative forms of collateral, for collateral, such as a car or even your house. However, the money you deposit to the bondsman cannot be refunded, as opposed to when you paid the whole amount yourself in which case some or all would be refunded to you subject to the results of the trial.

After a bond has been completed, the individual is exiled from the prison. They will need to remain at all proceedings and comply with any requirements of the bondsman. Failure to do so may result in the loss of collateral as well as returning the person to jail.

See the video above to learn more information and determine whether calling a bail bondsman is best for you.