What Color Paint Should You Use For Your Basement? – Creative Decorating Ideas

sements are often an underappreciated component of the home. Even if it isn’t getting much attention doesn’t mean you ignore the aesthetics of the area. It is, in fact, the very foundation of your house. In this instructional video we will discuss which colors you should use for the walls of your basement. If you want the most beautiful basement walls, regardless of your color preference take into consideration hiring an interior decorator.

To make up for the absence of natural light, many designers advocate bright shades in basements. This can, however, make the white look less than excellent. Consider an off white such as New House White by Behr. It’s a touch cooler than typical that’s why it’s not as depressing. It also has an 85 LRV. Agreeable Grey is another similar color that provides a warmer off white hue.

It’s not necessary to adhere to bland colors. Consider a vibrant blue or a green with pearls. A different option is Cola. Cola has some brownish and gray shades to provide warmth.