What a Bail Bondsman Does – Dan Park Law Group

ail? What is a bond? What is a bail bond? And how do bail bondsmen become involved? This video provides a thorough explanation of this.

A local judge will arraign the defendant after they’ve been sentenced to prison and charged with some crime. The judge decides on the bail amount according to the gravity of the crime as well as the defendant’s standing in the community. Bail is the security deposit that the defendant makes to release from prison. If the defendant is not able to appear at the next court date, the bail is returned.

If the defendant or family member is unable to pay the bail amount it is possible to contact a bail bondsman to help. Bail bondsmen charge the defendant 10% of the amount and will then post the balance. The defendant won’t get this 10% fee back but it’s more affordable than having to pay the entire amount themselves.

A bail bondman may arrest the defendant if the defendant is not in court. The video below gives additional information about bail and bonds as well as their effects on the justice system.