The Oldest Authentic Italian Restaurant in America – Confluent Kitchen

It is apparent that Italian dishes are almost universally loved for its rich flavor. Over the centuries, Italians have taken their delicious food with them wherever they go. Numerous Italians immigrated to America. It was normal for many Italians to create their own restaurants and combine aspects of their culture with American hopes. One of the oldest of these restaurants is Ralph’s Italian restaurant located in South Philadelphia. The video below will explain more details about Ralph’s Italian Restaurant and its fascinating history.

Ralph’s Italian Restaurant has been operating since more than 100 years. The restaurant was first opened in the year 1900. This makes the restaurant about 120 years old. There’s a reason that it’s in operation for this long. Many people return because of the people and the food. Every generation pours all of their love and consideration into the food they serve. It’s essentially a part of their family. Food is fantastic. Through the passing of secrets through generations, the menu is almost the same. In one study, 95% are still available on the 1900’s original menu.