The History of Yamaha Motorcycles – Car Stereo Wiring

1959. Double-cradle frames were revolutionary during the time and were able to in bringing the YDS-1 over its competitors. Yamaha started selling motorcycles in America in the year 1960.

In the 1960s, Yamaha topped Honda in the 1960s as the best motorcycle in Grand Prix racing. Yamaha also created the first dual-sport motorcycle, the DT-1 Enduro.

In the 1970s Yamaha retained its dominance in the racing world with a string of championship streaks that ran from 78 to 79 and 80. They continued to develop revolutionary bike models, like the XS650 specific.

During the 80s, Yamaha introduced the first single air-fueled cruiser. They also introduced their V Max muscle bike, that would remain in production through the following 20 years. Yamaha’s dominance continued in the 90’s, with the YZ400F, a two-stroke 250cc motorcycle for motocross.

During the 2000s, Yamaha revamped many iconic bikes for instance, the R1. For more information about their rich background, take a look at the following video.