The Differences Between Ceramic and Metal Braces – Discovery Videos

Even though they continue to serve with the same goal of aligning the teeth to improve the health of your mouth and provide beautiful smiles for patients, their appearances have evolved.

Braces made of traditional metals have a traditional look. They’re made of small rubber bands and metal wires that connect to each to each. Braces made of plastic or ceramic can provide a different option for those who prefer a more subtle design. These braces are identical to braces made of metal, however, the brackets and bands they use are clear. Only the wires are visible in the braces.

Braces made of metal are less expensive that ceramic ones. Ceramic braces are mostly picked for their sleek appearance. Ceramic braces may be less prone to breaking than metal braces. It means that they might require less appointments, and can be more convenient for dentists.

Despite being very similar, the two braces types seem to be almost the same. If you’re looking for a more affordable method of straightening your teeth, it is best to opt for braces made of metal. Ceramic braces that are clear are a choice if you wish to look more professional or you are worried about how your braces look. s8e5ve8o9d.