The Day in the Life of an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor – Killer Testimonials


Dr. Erica Thaler of Penn Medicine describes a day in her day-to-day.

While Dr. Thaler can see patients with many problems however her expertise is rhinology and issues related to the nose and sinuses. Most of the surgeries she does are sinus surgery. The ear, nose, and throat specialist might be able to offer additional knowledge in fields like pediatrics, or treatment of thyroid glands. She saw a large number of people suffering from sleep apnea and developed an ingenuous method to treat the condition using implantable electronic devices and robotics,

Certain ENTs use multiple rooms in their offices. To ensure better care for each patient Dr. Thaler prefers one room. When treating sleep apnea sufferers Dr. Thaler was astonished by how it affected patients’ lives. Though ENTs may have different areas of expertise but their primary focus is upon the needs of patients.

The Dr. Thaler believes that the top thing she enjoys about her job are her interactions with her patients and coworkers. ENTs need to work with teams and are able to communicate with patients.