The Basics of Thermal Oxidizers – The Buy Me Blog

The rial landscape is a source of pollution. The need for mitigation strategies. Before being released into the air, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) comprise one sort of pollutant. In this video, you will learn what a “thermal oxygenizer” is, and how it can lower industrial pollution.

The thermal oxygenizer is basically an in-box burner. The VOCs burn in the thermal oxidizer which then breaks their harmful elements into water and carbon dioxide. The oxidizer has the capability to handle large amounts of VOCs and at different flow rates and makes it easier for firms to install them.

The room is heated to approximately 1500°F. VOCs are pumped through the pipes of the industrial plant and then blown into the incinerator by the fans. The oxidized material that gets converted into carbon dioxide and water, is then pushed through a stack, and out into the atmosphere. VOCs that can be as high as 99 percent are removed.

The heat exchanger may be installed to retain the heat used for vaporizing VOCs. This heat is lost to the stack and the oxidizer’s efficiency at thermal reduces. The details can be found in the video below.