Share to Facebook with Discretion

It is amusing to think about the ancient history of bookmarks, long before the days when web users could share to Facebook. In fact, it was long before social media sites were a twinkle in the eyes of the computer geeks who are now multimillionaires. However, during those times, people could not care less about their inability to share to Facebook, but they certainly would have appreciated a way to bookmark this page or that page, and be able to access it from computers other than their home PCs. Unfortunately, that was a time before one could save and bookmark Google searches to online bookmarking software. While web users could certainly add to favorites any webpage that they wanted, they were out of luck if they needed to access it from a work computer or library computer, let alone share to Facebook.

Fortunately, those days are long gone, and contemporary web users never think twice about bookmarking pages from their home office personal computer, and being able to share to Facebook those same pages using their mobile devices. If one wants to know how to create a bookmark and share to Facebook, it is simple. You save it, click the share to Facebook icon, and each or your 1387 Facebook friends will have access to it, whether they like it or not. While it is nice to have the ability to share with your friends, it is recommended that you use a bit of forethought and discretion regarding the material you choose to share to Facebook. Of course, it is impossible not to offend at least one of your 1387 friends. As such, it is recommended that social media users not share to Facebook any material that they would not want their employers, parents or relatives, priests, rabbis, or Taoist gurus to see.

Unfortunately, millions of social media users fail to use any type of social filter when they decide to hit the share to Facebook button. Considering that more than your 1387 friends will see what you share to Facebook, it would be advisable that social media freaks use significantly more discretion when sharing articles, photos, quotations, or anything else to their social media pages. You never know, your boss, big mouthed coworkers, and worst enemies just might get a glimpse of a part of you that you are better off keeping to yourself.