Bookmarking Sites are an Organizational Web Tool

Are you interested in learning how to create a bookmark? There are several ways. First, you can usually create html bookmarks on any web browser. There is usually a tab that will say you can Add Bookmark, and a button as well that will let you bookmark any page. Another option is online bookmarking. This is a good option if you switch browsers or computers often, or if you want to share with your friends more easily.

There are several bookmarking websites available, and they all work in a same basic way. They will allow you to add bookmark html to their site. They will allow you to tag it with whatever references you think are appropriate. You will be able to save hundreds of bookmarks. You can then use the tags to search what other people have posted in reference to the same topics. In a way, this can often make searching more informative than a simple google search, since the results have been processed by humans, rather than an algorithm, which can be faulty.

One example of a bookmarking site is bookmarks google. Bookmarks google can be used by anyone who has an existing google account. If you do not have an account, you can easily make one. You can either download your existing bookmarks into the bookmarks google system, or simply upload new ones by starring them as you browse the web.

Opponents of bookmark sites point out that it is easy for businesses to mess around with the results and tag their products and services a lot in order to make them appear more relevant to searchers. Certainly, this is a problem developers are constantly dealing with. Bookmarking websites, however, continue to grow in popularity and this is unlikely to be considered a serious problem by users anytime soon.