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The process of starting an old-fashioned business is complex. If you want to be successful, you require a solid business model. Older people want their lives to be fulfilling. Some may require transportation. Transportation for the elderly means you will need to buy buses, vans, or minibus. The vehicle must have an elevator that is able to transport wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. If you don’t have it, you need to find a location for your car to be parked. Your vehicle will be registered as a commercial vehicle. This area could also be described as a garage. You must obtain permission. YOu also need to get an DBA license that is typically only $50. If you’re a company or sole proprietorship you still need the DBA. You must ensure that the drivers hold at least a CDL. You must be able to successfully pass an exam as well as pass a driving test. The applicant will be assessed fees for the test. If you think of starting an older transportation company keep watching this video. ge9kar7rct.