Learn How Fire Sprinklers Work – Media Content Lab

Maybe we take them for as if they are something we take for. Have you ever wondered the purpose of fire sprinklers? Discovery News, a popular YouTube channel, gives a detailed explanation.

Contrary to what is shown in films, a single fire sprinkler does not trigger all the other sprinklers within a system. A sprinkler head that is installed by a fire sprinkler company will turn off when it is exposed to extreme temperatures. To turn off, each sprinkler head needs to feel the temperature. This way it is possible for a sprinkler system to not effectively destroy itself through water damages.

The valve which is linked to the supply of water is part of a sprinkler head. The valve is covered with a glass tube. It is filled with sugar alcohol which grows when there’s a great upsurge of heat. The gas causes the glass to crack, and the valve to open. There are various degrees of heat that can be utilized to turn on sprinkler heads.

Most fires start at the bottom or over furniture. The most common place to start is at mid-level. What is the reason why fire sprinklers are placed on ceilings? Because the heat is a rising force. This is because it is easy to raise heat due to open flames. This will trigger fire sprinklers. sx8b9zr3m8.