How to Market an Auto Repair Business – Ceve Marketing


It is particularly important during winter when hail is more likely to damage a person’s car. Customers can also be educated about the service of accident towing which you provide and utilize it when the time comes for them to be towed.
Compete On Service, Not Price

When you are trying to stay in the game, you must be careful to ensure that you do not compromise the quality of your product. Every day you will see somebody trying to lower the price of the competition. It’s not logical to cut your rates even if your car repair shop offers excellent customer service and fair prices. It is likely that you will run into losses on every repair, and clients won’t be pleased with their car once they have left your business.

Instead of fighting over cost, you should be competing on the quality of service. Learn what the market you are targeting likes and offers them better than the other repair shops are able to offer. Offer a repair loaner vehicle in the event that repairs are not completed on time or a mobile mechanic to arrive at your residence when you’re in need of.

Make use of coupons and gift certificates

You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking to increase your customer base. Since you are a proprietor of a repair shop we must recognize that finding new customers is difficult work. However, you can benefit from a few strategies to utilize coupons and gift cards in order to get more clients.

You can start with coupons. Start with coupons. Coupons that aren’t valuable enough or pertinent enough to the consumer (i.e. it’s not something customers would be able to use) won’t be of much benefit for you business. In order for coupons to perform well for marketing purposes:

Provide specific details about the offer (e.g. providing details of at what price they are offered).