How Should Pool Starting Blocks Be Positioned on Deck? – Rad Center


mize the start of any swimming competition. It can greatly boost the swimmer’s performance. However, there are some elements that are able for determining the exact location of start blocks for pools. They could include the dimensions of your pool, as well as the depth of your pool. Stick around till the end of this video to discover the best way to position the pool’s starting block onto the deck.

The blocks that start the pool should be deep enough so that swimmers can dive in the water beneath the deck. This will ensure that the swimmer is able to dive in at the maximum force possible from the pool starting block and not suffer any harm. In the event that the water is too low, there’s an increased chance for swimmers to collide head-on on the surface of the swimming pool. This could cause the spine’s vertebrae to collapse and the consequence can be paralysis.

As a result, paying attention to how you set up your starting blocks for pool is unavoidable. Follow the steps provided in the video, as well as precautions for safety in the pool.