Get the Most out of Google

When the name of your company becomes a verb used in everyday vernacular, you know you are pretty powerful. That is how it feels for Google, and it makes sense if you consider that there are more than 700 million visitors to the site each day. According to the company website, Google answers more than one billion questions (from people in 181 countries around the world) each and every day, too.

Being synonymous with web searches aside, Google has also transformed web browsing into a seamless experience, regardless of which device you are on.

First things first, how to create a bookmark is fairly simple regardless of what browser you are using. Mozilla Firefox has an add to favorites option in several places in your browser window; look at the address bar, hit CTRL D, or click on the Firefox menu and scroll over to the bookmarks section and click on bookmark this page. Pretty straightforward, right?

Internet Explorer also enables easy creation of bookmarks Google by clicking on the bookmarks option at the top of your browser or by typing CTRL D.

Similarly, bookmarks Google Chrome can be created by hitting CTRL D as well. The beautiful bonus of adding a bookmark Google Chrome is that Chrome will allow you to sync all of your bookmarks (whether you are searching on your phone, laptop, desktop, etc.). The only caveat of this feature, however, is that you need to be logged into your Google account.

Once you have added bookmarks Google, the bookmarks manager allows you to organize and categorize your bookmarks Google. (If you are anything like me, you have hundreds of bookmarks queued up in your browser. I recently, however, took it upon myself to organize by type, e.g., favorite blogs, music sites, etc. It has changed my life!)

If you are so inclined, Google also enables you to share to Facebook or share with your friends the sites you have added to your bookmarks Google list. This feature does not excite me too much, because if I want to share something, I will usually just forward the URL to whomever I want. But, whatever floats your boat.

As you can see, adding bookmarks Google (or any browser) is very simple and straightforward. Bookmarks Google is a great shortcut for accessing any of your favorite content on the internet!