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Glass repair experts can handle home visits and swiftly repair damaged front windshields and passenger or drivers side windows, and even replace the windshield wiper! Everyday, folks unfortunately, get into accidents or have their vehicle broken into, or struck by objects , which prompt them to seek the help by a repairman for auto glass. 19. 19.Exhaust mechanics. Exhaust mechanics can diagnose and correct issues in cars exhaust systems. A car’s exhaust system car can have catalytic converters and pipes and mufflers. The exhaust system’s function is more vital than any other issue that can arise in the vehicle. They should be checked at once by an exhaust specialist. When catalytic converters are damaged or stolen, incredibly high-pitched noises may emanate from a vehicle causing some fearful reactions from the owner! Experts in exhaust repair can identify their exhaust systems, and repair or replace systems. They will also give advice on the best exhaust components for use as well as ways to protect yourself from loss. Catalytic converter theft has increased because these high-end parts are made with platinum. When you are an exhaust engineer, it is possible to assist people in replacing and repairing the parts of their exhaust that are stolen, such as a catalytic converter. 20. 20. Racecar mechanics are able to earn substantial sums of money so it is among the most competitive types of professions in auto mechanics. 21. Electric Car Mechanic A new initiative was announced by the electric-vehicle giant company, which is now teaching new mechanics. They can solve issues caused by advanced electric cars, as the name implies. They can fix issues that include 6v1bg1qjkn.