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There is a low risk of skin cancer recurrence. This procedure is thought to be the most effective treatment option for various basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cells carcinomas (SCCs) that are two of the types most commonly found in skin cancer. Certain surgeons are also successful applying Mohs procedure on specific instances of melanoma.

Mohs surgery, a highly skilled technique for dermatologic surgery to fight skin cancer, is one of the procedures that is the most well-known procedures in dermatology surgery. It’s named in honor of Frederick E. Mohs, one of the surgeons who pioneered the method and is called Mohs micrographic surgery.The Mohs procedure takes place at the workplace, the surgeon using a local anesthetic in order to reduce the area completely. The surgeon injects local numbness and the scalpel is used. They remove tiny layers of skin in a saucer-shaped manner. The skin is then marked using color dyes, and then mapped. The sample is then frozen before being broken into small pieces. Finally, the Mohs histotechnician processes it into glass slides. In order to determine the extent of skin cancer then the Mohs doctor examines the slides using microscope. For more information, call the dermatology clinic. gd6u5c7tcd.