Keeping It Simple

A bookmark is a favorite list that Firefox uses. Bookmarks can be exported. For example, you can email it to yourself and then open the email from another computer. Then you open your email from the second computer, then the link can be opened and all your favorites will be there. It is quite ingenious. Yet simple.

It was not long ago I did not know what a bookmark even was in reference to computers. Much less did I know how to create a bookmark. Or if there was something I liked I did not know how to add to favorites or how to share to Facebook. But my husband is a computer guy and decided it was high time for me to learn about html bookmarks and all that goes along with it. To which I begrudgingly agreeed.

As it turns out, I am glad he forced me to learn how to use bookmark html. Bookmark html really has made things easier. There are several computers that I work on. I have a home computer, my laptop home computer, and my computer at work. My husband showed me how to bookmark things. Then I felt a little silly when I realized just how easy it was. Then, using bookmark html goodness, I sent a link to my own email. The next day wen I was at work I opened my email, clicked the bookmark html link I sent myself, and voila! My bookmarks were in place. Then the following evening I was sitting on the couch watching The Young and the Restless, opened my email account, clicked on the link. And boom. Bookmark html did that magic think it does and I had all my bookmarks ready to go for me. And in the long run, ti does save me quite a bit of time to have all of my favorite sites just sitting there waiting for me.